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Leading Trust Advises Ban Of Poorly Insulated Homes

Posted by Rick on August 7 2009 (energy efficiency, Energy Saving, Insulation)

According to a recent story in the Times the Governments advisory body on domestic energy use has announced that poorly insulated homes should be banned from being sold or rented. Further more the Energy Saving Trust has released figures showing that 5.5 million homes in the UK are in the lowest two energy performance bands. This equates to a fifth of all homes.

The latest figures have also led the trust to believe that tougher measures need to be introduced in order to help the government reach its carbon dioxide emissions target. Suggestions have included additional stamp duty and higher council tax. This will undoubtedly be unpopular with many home owners however the trust estimates that these homes could be made fit for less than £5000.

Since the introduction of the energy performance certificate in October home owners have been required to disclose the efficiency levels of their homes once they come to sell them. Many of the homes that fall in to the lower categories may find it difficult to sell as buyers are looking for efficient homes.

The trusts final comments included suggestions that measures should be introduced to force home owners to improve the energy performance of their home before they can extend it. Planning permission would be granted if improvements were made. Currently these are all planned measures and nothing has been introduced as of yet.


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