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Old Light Bulbs Phased Out In Favour Of Green Ones

Posted by Rick on September 11 2009 (energy efficiency, Energy Saving)

The lights finally went out on old 100w incandescent light bulbs as new greener ones were phased in earlier this month. The new more efficient light bulbs were bought in as part of an EU mandate. However it has left many customers disgruntled.

Research shows that the new bulbs are undoubtedly greener, using 80% less electricity. This equates to an average of £45 saved in electricity each year. If you couple this with insulation savings could be well above £200. The Energy Saving Trust believe this will help cut national energy consumption considerably.

Despite the obvious benefits people are somewhat reluctant to change to the new bulbs. Social network sites such as Facebook have reported the creation of new groups and comments relating to the subject area. Other sources have also raised concerns about the possible health risks of the new bulbs though they are wholly unsubstantiated. The problem with slow brightening times has also caused annoyance.

The issue will undoubtedly go on to be hotly debated and people will continue to source the old bulbs through other means. Some shops are even selling them by the hundreds. Although this is one issue it does show a possible trend for future developments. For example if cars are switched to alternative energy sources will people react in similar ways.

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