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Hadrian’s Wall Museum Roof Renovation by Sprayseal

Posted by Rick on July 6 2012 (Insulation, New Projects, Roof Renovation, Roofing)

Sprayseal carried out Roof Renovation work to The Bone and Stone store at The Roman Army Museum near Hadrian’s Wall in Greenhead for The Vindolanda Trust.

The building was a 50 plus year old Nissen Hut style property with a corrugated asbestos sheet roof. The roof was in a poor condition with corrosion of the bolt heads and a massive build up of moss growth causing water ingress to occur. Condensation was also a concern when the building was heated.

The Trust wanted to store important artifacts in the property so it was imperative that they had a watertight and insulated roof. Sprayseal proposed their sprayed foam and coating system to renovate the building.

The first picture show the building as it was, not a pretty sight!!
The second after substrate preparation and the foam sprayed and the third with the final protective membrane.

The Trust wanted a Black coating but Silver and Grey coatings are also available.

The building is now weatherproof, insulated and any potential of condensation is eliminated.

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